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Academic Programs (Alphabetical Listing)

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Last Updated: 06/05/2014

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Academic Programs

Accounting   (BBA)  (MACC)  (BBA/MACC)  (Minor)  (Graduate Certificate)

African American Studies   (Minor)

Alternative Teacher Certification   (Teaching Certificate)

Anthropology   (BA)  (Minor)

Applied Cultural Anthropology   (Certificate)

Applied Linguistics   (MA)

Art   (BA)  (Minor)

Art Education   (MA)

Art Education Certification   (Teaching Certificate)

Art History   (Minor)  (BA)

Asian Studies   (Minor)

Bilingual Professional Writing   (Certificate)

Bilingual Special Education   (Graduate Certificate)

Bilingual Speech Language Pathology   (Graduate Certificate)

Biochemistry   (BS)

Bioinformatics   (MS)

Biological Sciences   (BA)  (BS)  (MS)  (Minor)  (PhD)

Border Administration   (Certificate)

Business Administration   (BBA)  (MBA)  (BBA/MBA)  (Accelerated
MBA)  (MBA/MPA)  (BBA/MACC)  (MBA PLUS Certificate)

Career and Technology Education   (Graduate Certificate)

Central Office Leadership   (Graduate Certificate)

Chemistry   (BA)  (BS)  (MS)  (Minor)  (PhD)

Chicano Studies   (BA)  (Minor)

Civil Engineering   (BSCE)  (MS)  (PhD)

Clinical Laboratory Science   (BS)

Commercial Music   (BM)- Call 915-747-5666 for information

Communication   - Digital Media Production (BA)

Communication   - Media Advertising (BA)

Communication   - Multimedia Journalism (BA)

Communication   - Organizational and Corporate (BA)

Communication   (MA)

Communication Studies   (BA)  (Minor)

Community Health   (Minor) - Call 915-747-7270 for information

Computational Science   (MS)  (PhD)

Computer Information Systems   (BBA)  (Minor)  (Graduate Certificate)

Computer Science   (BCCS)  (MS)  (PhD)  (Minor)

Construction Management   (Graduate Certificate)

Creative Writing   (BA)  (MFA)  (Minor)

Criminal Justice   (BA)  (Minor)

Cultural Resource Management   (Cultural Heritage Management)  (Certificate)

Dance   (BA)  (BFA)  (Minor)

Economic Development   (Certificate)

Economics   (BA)  (BBA)  (MS)  (Minor)  (Graduate Certificate)

Education     (MA)   (MED)

Educational Diagnostician   (MED)

Educational Psychology and Guidance   (MED)

Electrical Engineering   (BSEE)  (MS)

Engineering   (MS)

English   (BA)

English Rhetoric and Writing Studies   (MA)

Environmental Engineering   (MEENE)  (MSENE)

Environmental Science   (BS)  (MS)  (Minor)

Environmental Science and Engineering   (PhD)

ESL Endorsement   (Graduate Certificate)

Exhibition Practices   (Certificate)

Film   (Minor)

Finance   (BBA)  (Graduate Certificate)

French   (BA)  (Minor)

General Business   (BBA)  (Minor)

Geography   (Minor)

Geological Sciences   (BA)  (BS)  (MS)  (Minor)  (PhD)

Geophysics   (BS)  (MS)

Health Education Certification   (Teaching Certificate)

Health Promotion   (BS)  (Minor)

Health Promotion - Health Education   (MS)

Health Systems   (Graduate Certificate) - Call 915-747-7270 for more information

Healthcare Leadership and Management   (Graduate Certificate)

Higher Education Endorsement   (Graduate Certificate)

Hispanic Linguistics   (MA)

History   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)  (PhD)

History: US-Mexico Border   (MA)

Industrial Engineering   (BSIE)  (MS)

Instructional Specialist - Education   (MED)

Inter-American Jewish Studies   (Minor)

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences   (PhD)

Interdisciplinary Studies - Liberal Arts   (MAIS)

International Business   (PhD)  (Graduate Certificate)

Kinesiology   (BS)  (MS)

Kinesiology Education Certification   (Teaching Certificate)

Latin American and Border Studies   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)  (Graduate Certificate)

Leadership Studies   (MLS)

Legal Reasoning   (Minor) - Call 915-747-5666 for information

Linguistics   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)

Management   (BBA)  (Minor)

Manufacturing Engineering   (MS)

Marketing   (BBA)  (Minor)

Materials Science and Engineering   (PhD)

Mathematics   (BA)   (BS)  (MS)  (Minor)  (MAT)

Mechanical Engineering   (BSME)  (MS)

Medical Physics   (MS)

Microbiology   (BS)

Military Science   (Minor)

Multidisciplinary Studies   (BMS)

Music Education   (MM)

Music Education Certification   (Teaching Certificate)

Music Performance   (BM)  (MM)

Music Theatre   (BFA)  (Minor)

Music, General   (BM)

North American Studies Program   (Certificate)

Nurse Practitioner   (MSN)

Nursing   (BSN Accelerated Fast Track)

Nursing   (BSN Traditional)

Nursing   (MSN)

Nursing   (RN - BSN)

Nursing Education   (Graduate Certificate)

Nursing Education   (MSN)

Occupational Therapy   (MOT)

Operations and Supply Chain Management   (BBA)  (Graduate Certificate)

Pharmacy   (PHARM.D.. - Co op)

Philosophy   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)

Physical Therapy   (DPT)

Physics   (BA)  (BS)  (MS)  (Minor)

Political Science   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)

Post-Masters Nurse Practitioner   (Graduate Certificate)

Principal Certification   (Graduate Certificate)

Psychology   (BA)  (BS)  (Minor)  (PhD)

Public Health   (MPH)

Reading Education   (MED)

Reading Specialist   (Graduate Certificate)

Religious Studies   (Minor)

RN to MSN Option   (MSN)

School Site Leadership   (Graduate Certificate)

Science   (MAT)

Screen Writing   (Minor)- Call 915-747-5666 for information

Secondary Education Business Certification   (Minor)

Secondary Education Certification for Health Majors   (Minor)

Secondary Education Certification for Liberal Arts   (Minor)

Secondary Education Certification for Modern Languages   (Minor)

Secondary Education Certification for Social Studies   (Minor)

Social Work   (BSW)  (MSW)

Sociology   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)

Spanish   (BA)  (MA)  (Minor)

Special Education   (MED)

Statistics   (MS)  (Minor)

Studio Art   (Minor) - Call 915-747-5181 for more information

Superintendent Certification   (Graduate Certificate)

Systems Engineering   (MS)  (Graduate Certificate)

Teaching English   (MAT) - Call 915-747-5666 for more information

Technical and Professional Writing   (Certificate)

Theatre Arts   (BA)  (BFA)  (Minor)

Translation   (Minor)  (Certificate)

Urban and Regional Planning   (Certificate)

Women's Studies   (Minor)  (Certificate)