NEW! MS in Economics with Finance Option

The UTEP MS in Economics – Finance Option offers a comprehensive program that enhances career opportunities in finance in areas such as financial analysts, financial advisers, financial managers, financial examiners, and securities, commodities and financial services sales agents in the corporate, institutions and government sectors.

These opportunities are enhanced by the thorough grounding that graduates receive in economics, with required courses in Micro- and Macro-economics, Mathematical Economics, and Econometrics.  This foundation serves as a bedrock for comprehensive training in finance with courses in Financial Management, Security Analysis, Risk Management and Derivative Markets, Capital Formation, Analysis and Budgeting, and International Financial Management.


Pre-MS Economics Leveling Courses (If Needed)

Prospective students should have completed coursework in intermediate economic theory and quantitative methods prior to applying to the MS program.

Course of Study for MS Economics Degree

Graduate Core Requirements (12 Semester Hours)
 ECON 5305  Applied Mathematical Economics
 ECON 5302  Microeconomic Theory
 ECON 5303  Macroeconomic Theory
 ECON 5370  Applied Econometrics

NOTE: In most cases, ECON 5305 - Applied Mathematical Economics will be required to be taken prior to all other core and elective courses. Students are required to obtain a grade of either "A" or "B" in ECON 5305 in order to remain in the MS Economics program.

 ACCT 5301  Financial Accounting
 FIN 5311  Financial Management
 FIN 5315  Securities Analysis
 FIN 5316  Risk Management and Derivative Markets
 FIN 5318  Capital Formation, Analysis, and Budgeting
 FIN 5325  International Financial Management
PLUS 6 additional graduate course hours in Economics or Finance