The Centers for Entrepreneurial Development, Advancement, Research, and Support (CEDARS) is an organization of centers, institutes, and Professional Organizations that foster business development in the region served by the University of Texas at El Paso. This mission is accomplished through activities that support business creation, development, and growth. CEDARS’ programs educate students, business owners, and prospective business owners about the formation
and management of companies in free enterprise systems. UTEP faculty, staff, and students conduct research to add to knowledge about business development and entrepreneurship; and communicate these findings and results to practitioners, policy makers and other scholars. CEDARS staff and volunteers provide service to the region through continuing education, counseling, publications and other efforts.

As a organizational unit of the College of Business Administration, CEDARS fulfills its mission in collaboration with other business and economic development programs and the business community at large. Through its various centers and institutes, CEDARS seeks to bring global attention to UTEP and El Paso.