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    1.- General Information

    Acceptance: Applicants who are judged to meet the criteria for admission into a graduate degree program may be accepted into the program without conditions.

    Conditional Acceptance: Conditional acceptance is offered to students who do not meet all of the specific criteria for admission but who show promise of success in graduate study. Applicants who lack sufficient foundation in the proposed area of study may be required to successfully complete designated courses before qualifying for unconditional admission. Other applicants may be required, on the recommendation of the graduate advisor, to meet particular conditions during the first 12 semester hours of study. Among the factors that programs may take into account in recommending conditional admission to the Graduate School are the applicant's academic record, the socio-economic background of the applicant, the native language of the applicant, the applicant's involvement in relevant community or extra-curricular activities, a personal interview, and other material that the candidate may submit that provides evidence that the candidate would make an important contribution to the program or university's objectives and mission.

    Rejection: An applicant who fails to meet the minimum requirements for admission to a degree program will usually be denied admission into that program. An applicant meeting the requirements for admission may be denied by the Graduate Studies Committee of the proposed major if the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of students that can be accommodated in the available facilities or that can be adequately instructed by the available faculty. A student who has been rejected may reapply at a later time, may apply to another program, or may apply as a post-baccalaureate student.

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