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  • UTEP Goals

    GOAL 1: Learning and Teaching
    GOAL 2: Research, Scholarship, and Artistic Production
    GOAL 3: Public Service
    GOAL 4: Administration

    GOAL 4: Administration

    To support the achievement of UTEPs mission in learning, teaching, research, scholarship, artistic production, and public service through responsive, effective, and efficient administrative and staff services.

    Strategic Planning: To contribute to the achievement of UTEP's mission and goals through the University's planning, institutional research and evaluation system.

    Financial and Material Resources: To plan, manage, and supervise the physical facilities and grounds, materials management, purchasing and campus security in order to provide the necessary support services conducive to learning, teaching, research, artistic production, and public service.

    Information and Telecommunications Services: To expand and integrate state- of-the-art technology and telecommunications throughout the campus, emphasizing their application to instruction and student learning, and to improve information and telecommunication services for essential administrative functions (e.g., student and alumni records, purchasing, facilities management).

    Saff: To hire, train, support, and retain well-qualified staff members who work to ensure the achievement of the University's mission and goals.

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