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  • General Degree Requirements

    1.- Prerequisites
    2.- Course Requirements
    3.- Thesis Requirements
    4.- Dissertation Requirements
    5.- Substitutions for the Thesis
    6.- Course Load
    7.- Enrollment Verification
    8.- Course Numbering System
    9.- Final Examination
    10.- Graduation Requirements
    11.- Degree Application Procedures
    12.- Graduation
    13.- Posthumous Degree

    4.- Dissertation Requirements

    The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the dissertation. The candidate for the doctoral degree writes a dissertation under the direction of a supervising committee. For composition of the supervising committee the student should refer to the section in this catalog that describes his/her respective doctoral program.The student must register for the dissertation course 3620 or 3698 when work on the dissertation is begun. Thereafter, the student must register for course 3621 or 3699 during each semester or term in which work on the dissertation is being done. Students may not enroll in 3620 and 3621, nor in 3698 and 3699 simultaneously.

    An unbound original and two bound copies of the dissertation must be presented to the Graduate School prior to the deadline date published in the Class Schedule for the semester in which the student intends to graduate. The dissertation must be prepared according to the GUIDE book (available through the Graduate School), and, must bear the original signatures of the supervising committee. With the dissertation the student must also present to the Graduate School two copies of an abstract not to exceed 350 words in length (double-spaced). The abstract will be forwarded to University Microfilms International for publication in 'Dissertation Abstracts International."

    The Graduate School also forwards the signed unbound original dissertation to University Microfilms international in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for micropublication. The student is required to pay the cost of microfilm reproduction to the Graduate School. Students presenting dissertations to the Graduate School must also complete and sign microfilm agreement forms that are available in that office.

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