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  • General Degree Requirements

    1.- Prerequisites
    2.- Course Requirements
    3.- Thesis Requirements
    4.- Dissertation Requirements
    5.- Substitutions for the Thesis
    6.- Course Load
    7.- Enrollment Verification
    8.- Course Numbering System
    9.- Final Examination
    10.- Graduation Requirements
    11.- Degree Application Procedures
    12.- Graduation
    13.- Posthumous Degree

    5.- Substitutions for the Thesis

    Some programs do not require the thesis. The particular option for each student must be approved by the departmental graduate advisor and the Director of Graduate Student Services. Among such non-thesis options are internship reports (where the internship is approved as an essential part of the graduate program by the Director of Graduate Student Services), professional reports, and reports or formal papers prepared in certain graduate seminar or conference-type courses.

    Reports should be comparable to the thesis in every respect except for the evidence of original research. Reports and other formal papers are normally completed just as theses are; they must be reviewed and accepted by the supervising committee and upon acceptance of the report by the committee, the candidate submits two bound copies, consistent with theses in all respects, to the Graduate School for approval.

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