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  • General Degree Requirements

    1.- Prerequisites
    2.- Course Requirements
    3.- Thesis Requirements
    4.- Dissertation Requirements
    5.- Substitutions for the Thesis
    6.- Course Load
    7.- Enrollment Verification
    8.- Course Numbering System
    9.- Final Examination
    10.- Graduation Requirements
    11.- Degree Application Procedures
    12.- Graduation
    13.- Posthumous Degree

    9.- Final Examination

    All graduate degree candidates are required to complete satisfactorily an oral or written examination or both. The examining committee, consisting of at least three graduate faculty members, will normally be the student's supervising committee. The committee will have one representative from the minor area, if the program has one. If there is no minor, one member of the committee must be from another department. Individual departments may elect to drop a student after a first or second failure of the examination upon the recommendation of the examining committee, but under no circumstances will a student be permitted to take the examination more than three times; a student failing such an examination for the third time will be dropped from the program.

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