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  • General Regulations

    1.- Student Conduct
    2.- Scholastic Integrity
    3.- Illegal Substances Policy
    4.- Policy on Disruptive Acts
    5.- Solicitation
    6.- Campus Facilities
    7.- Policy on Hazing
    8.- Other Prohibited Conduct
    9.- Penalties Which May Result
    10.- General Debts of Students or Organizations
    11.- Debts Owed to the University
    12.- Returned Checks
    13.- Immunization Requirement
    14.- Policy on AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis B Infection
    15.- Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act

    13.- Immunization Requirement

    In order to protect the health of the University community, all students are required to submit proof of immunization, or to be immunized, for Tetanus-Diphtheria, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Persons born after 1957 are encouraged to have an MMR booster to dispel any uncertainty about immunity to more than one of these diseases. In addition, international students must demonstrate clearance from Tuberculosis.

    In accordance with State law, the following immunizations are required for all students enrolled in health related courses which will involve direct patient contact in medical or dental care facilities or who come in contact with human biological fluids or tissue.* Students for whom these immunizations are not required are strongly urged to obtain them for their own protection.

    • Measles: proof of two doses of measles vaccine administered on or after the first birthday and at least 30 days apart or proof of immunity;
    • Mumps: proof of one dose of mumps vaccine administered on or after the first birthday or proof of immunity.
    • Rubella: proof of one dose administered on or after the first birthday or proof of immunity;
    • Tetanus/diphtheria: proof of one "booster" dose of tetanus/ diphtheria (within 10 years).
    • Hepatitis B virus (HBV): proof of serologic immunity to HBV or certification of immunization with a complete series of Hepatitis B vaccine. Students will be required to present a letter or other suitable written certification.

    * Note: Certain exemptions are allowed from the immunization requirement; students should contact the Admissions Office or the University Health Service for information.

    Students enrolled at UT El Paso will assume the full cost of the HBV. All other immunization listed above are free of charge.

    Students may obtain information regarding the consequences of out dated immunizations for certain diseases; the age groups most vulnerable to these vaccine preventable diseases; and local providers of immunizations services from the University Health Service.

    A form on which the required immunizations can be documented is available from the Admissions Office or the University Health Service. Since most secondary schools are required by law to maintain similar records, a copy of the high school immunization record may be submitted.

    The University Health Service is responsible for maintaining a record of those students who comply with these requirements and may recommend the placement of an administrative hold on records if they have not been met. The Health Service provides the required immunizations with the exception of X-ray screening for Tuberculosis for which there is a modest charge. The HB vaccine is also available for a nominal charge, for students enrolled in medical-related programs.

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