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  • General Regulations

  • Student Grievance

  • Discrimination

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  • Student Educational Records

    1.- Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA)
    2.- Directory Information
    3.- Access to File
    4.- Challenge to Record
    5.- Copies
    6.- Complaints

    2.- Directory Information

    At its discretion, the University may release Directory Information which shall include:

    1. name, address, telephone number
    2. date and place of birth
    3. major field of study
    4. participation in officially recognized activities and sports
    5. dates of attendance
    6. most recent previous educational institution attended
    7. classification
    8. degrees and awards received
    9. date of graduation
    10. physical factors (height and weight) of athletes

    Students may have all Directory Information withheld by notifying the Records Office in writing each semester during the first 12 days of class of a fall or spring semester, or the first 4 class days of a summer session. Request for non-disclosure will be honored by the institution for only the current enrollment period; therefore, a request to withhold Director Information must be filed each semester or session in the Records Office.

    A student who elects to withhold Directory Information will restrict its release for use in such activities as the annual Student Directory, off-campus mailing listings, enrollment verifications for off-campus parties, and access to personal records on the campus-wide Kiosk system.

    A student who elects to withhold Directory Information may not receive this same information on the telephone. A student wishing to obtain this information must come to the Records Office.

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