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General Information


English Composition
Political Science
Natural Science

Fine Arts
Cultural Diversity
Technology and Society
Additional Course Work

MATHEMATICS/STATISTICS: 6 - 8 hours (nominal)

REQUIREMENT: Complete one of the following sequences:

  1. MATH 4111 Calculus I
  2. MATH 4110 Precalculus II and
    STAT 3280 Statistical Methods I
  3. MATH 3120 Mathematics for Social Sciences I (MATH 4109 OR MATH 4110 may be substituted for MATH 3120 .)

    and one of the following:

    1. MATH 3201 Mathematics for Social Sciences II

    2. one of the following:
      STAT 3180 Basics of Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
      KIN 3313 Physical Assessment, Data Acquisition, and Management (Restricted to KIN majors)
      PSYC 3103 Statistical Methods
      QMB 3201 Fundamentals of Business Statistics
      SOCI 3212 Measurement and Inference in Social Research

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