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  • Financial Aid
    Web site at: www.utep.edu/faidschl

    1.- Office Information
    2.- Financial Aid Policy
    3.- The Application Process
    4.- Satisfactory Academic Progress Criteria
    5.- Types of Financial Assistance

    3.- The Application Process

    March 15 is the Priority date for each school year. All forms and other required documents are due, COMPLETELY PROCESSED, and on file with this office by this date. Be aware that computer processing of forms may be in excess of four weeks. Late applications will be considered only on the basis of available funds.

    Information obtained from the need analysis is used to determine the student's financial need and the types of awards for which the student qualifies. Awards made through this office fall into two categories: (1) gift aid, which includes grants and (2) self-help funds which include the College Work Study Program, and long term educational loans. The amount offered as a financial aid award plus the student's resources and those of the parents, if the student is dependent on parents for support, cannot exceed the student's budget.

    Once documented need is established, the Financial Aid Office will make every effort to meet this need. The financial aid award will be packaged from a variety of sources and will be based on the financial need and program eligibility of the student and the available funds. In some instances, due to fund limitation, program eligibility requirements, etc., the total award may be less than the documented need.

    Transfer students and/or students applying for financial assistance for the spring semester, upon submission of all financial aid documents, will be considered for assistance based on the availability of funds.

    For non-need emergency loan fund programs, see Tuition and Fees Emergency Loans, elsewhere in this section.

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