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    Dr. Thomas E. Brady, Dean
    Dr. Pablo Arenaz, Associate Dean
    Dr. E. Alan Dean, Assistant Dean

    Bell Hall, Room 100
    Phone: (915) 747-5536
    Fax: (915) 747-6807

  • College Information
    1.- Intoduction
    2.- Undergraduate Programs
    3.- Departamental Honors Programs
    4.- Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements
    5.- Major Fields
    6.- Advising
    7.- Preprofessional Programs
    8.- Secondary Teacher Certification
    9.- Degree Plans
    10.- Lower-Division Courses
    11.- Upper Division Courses
    12.- Interdisiplinary Degrees
    13.- Interdisiplinary Courses

    2.- Undergraduate Programs

    Each department of the College of Science and the Department of Psychology offers the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree subject to the general requirements listed below. Each department also offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree subject to the general requirements listed in the College of Liberal Arts.

    A student planning a technical career or graduate work is advised to follow the BS degree route. Either the BS or the BA degree is suitable for professional school admission (see Preprofessional Programs).

    BS programs that include course work leading to Secondary Teacher Certification are offered by each department and in three different interdisciplinary programs in science. BA programs leading to Teacher Certification are also available.

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