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    Dr. Thomas E. Brady, Dean
    Dr. Pablo Arenaz, Associate Dean
    Dr. E. Alan Dean, Assistant Dean

    Bell Hall, Room 100
    Phone: (915) 747-5536
    Fax: (915) 747-6807

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    1.- Intoduction
    2.- Undergraduate Programs
    3.- Departamental Honors Programs
    4.- Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements
    5.- Major Fields
    6.- Advising
    7.- Preprofessional Programs
    8.- Secondary Teacher Certification
    9.- Degree Plans
    10.- Lower-Division Courses
    11.- Upper Division Courses
    12.- Interdisiplinary Degrees
    13.- Interdisiplinary Courses

    11.- Upper-Division Courses

    A minimum of 45 semester hours of upper-division course work is required. The various majors require 19 to 32 semester hours of upper-division course work. In addition, the minor requires a minimum of six upper-division semester hours (Secondary Education requires 21 semester hours), and an additional six hours are required by the general college requirements. Thus zero to five free elective upper-division courses are required. Upper-division courses are not always offered each semester and summer. Students are cautioned to plan ahead in terms of when these courses are generally offered and what prerequisites are needed. Due to the blocking of upper-division education courses, this is particularly important for students seeking secondary teacher certification.

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