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  • Financial Assistance
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Housing Expenses
  • Residency

  • Tuition and Fees

    1.- Tuition
    2.- Mandatory Fees
    3.- UT Telecampus Distance Learning
    4.- UTEP Distance Learning
    5.- Tuition and Mandatory Fees
    6.- Laboratory Fees
    7.- Supplemental Tuition and Coaching Fees
    8.- Course Specific Fees
    9.- Incidental Fees
    10.- Parking Fee
    11.- Methods of Payment
    12.- Refund of Tuition and Fees
    13.- Tuition Waiver

    2.- Mandatory Fees

    LIBRARY FEE - $2.00 per semester hour.

    STUDENT SERVICE FEE - $12.50 per semester hour, to a maximum of $150.00 (12 semester hours).

    TECHNOLOGY FEE - $7.00 per student per semester credit hour, to a maximum of $105.00 (15 semester hours).

    INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FEE - $1.00 per student for each semester.

    STUDENT UNION FEE - $30.00 per student per semester.

    RECREATION FEE - $12.00 per student per semester.

    REGISTRATION FEE - $5.00 per student per semester.

    HEALTH CENTER FEE - $12.00 per student per semester.

    COURSE-RELATED FEES - assessment of varying amount, based on courses for which the student is enrolled.

    CLINICAL LABORATOY SCIENCE MAJOR FEE - $30.00 per semester with a declared major in clinical laboratory science.

    ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING MAJOR FEE - $25.00 per semester for a declared major of Engineering, including Pre-Engineering and Graduate Students.

    NURSING MAJOR FEE - $30.00 per semester with a declared major in Nursing.

    OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MAJOR FEE - $25.00 per semester with a declared major in Occupational Therapy.

    INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES FEE - $20.00 assessment applicable only to International Students per semester.

    STUDENT GENERAL PROPERTY DEPOSIT - $10.00 fee assessed at the time of the student's initial registration at the University. This fee is refundable to the student at the end of his or her University enrollment less any loss, damage, or breakage caused by the student. A property deposit which remains without call for refund for a period of four years from the date of last attendance at the University will be forfeited and will become the property of the Student General Property Deposit Endowment Fund. Such funds will be invested and the income will be used for scholarship purposes.


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