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  • Academic Regulations
  • General Degree
  • Specific Degree

  • Academic Regulations

    1.- Prerequisites
    2.- Course Requirements
    3.- Thesis Requirements
    4.- Dissertation Requirements
    5.- Substitutions for the Thesis
    6.- Course Load
    7.- Enrollment Verification
    8.- Course Numbering System
    9.- Final Examination
    10.- Graduation Requirements
    11.- Degree Application Procedures
    12.- Graduation
    13.- Posthumous Degree

    3.- Thesis Requirements

    The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the thesis. The candidate for the master's degree writes a thesis under the direction of a supervising committee, consisting of at least two departmental representatives and one member from outside the department. The thesis is subject to the approval of the committee and ultimately to the approval of the Director of Graduate Student Services. The researching and writing of the thesis involves 6 semester hours of credit. In order to earn the 6 credit hours for the thesis, the student must register for course 5398 when work on the thesis is begun. Thereafter, the student must register for 5399 during each semester or term in which work on the thesis is being done. Students may not enroll in 5398 and 5399 simultaneously, nor may they enroll in more than three hours of thesis at any one time, and must be enrolled during the semester of graduation.

    Two completed and bound copies of the thesis, prepared according to the GUIDE book (available through the Graduate School), must be presented to the Graduate School prior to the deadline date published in the Class Schedule for the semester in which the student intends to graduate. Both copies of the completed thesis submitted to the Graduate School must bear original signatures of the members of the thesis committee.

    If a student has not completed thesis work at the end of two years after the subject has been approved and recorded, the supervisor may require the choice of another subject. Credit in the thesis course will not be granted until the thesis is completed and approved. Information on thesis preparation should be obtained from the Office of Graduate Student Services.


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