Bachelor of Arts

Latin American & Border Studies

The Latin American Studies degree is an interdisciplinary major consisting of interrelated fields designed to provide students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for appropriate employment in business, government, or education or for advanced study in a Latin American area at the graduate level. In addition to theregular academic

In addition to theregular academic programs, lectures, special seminars, and other Latin American resource opportunities are provided. Students should contact the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies to establish contact with our program advisor. In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, the student must complete 30 hours of credit toward the major. In order to provide flexibility and relevance in the program, the program includes an 18 hour core and a 12 hour disciplinary component, focusing on either Latin America or the Border.

                          Students may satisfy the language requirement by successfully completing SPAN 2301 and SPAN 2302 (for non-native speakers) or SPAN 2303 and SPAN 2304 (for native speakers), or by completing PORT 2301 and PORT 2302. This requirement may be waived upon successful completion of an approved competency examination. If the requirement is waived, students must complete one of the following: SPAN 3320 Hispanic Civilization (recommended for students relatively fluent in the language), SPAN 3355 Advanced Conversation, SPAN 3356 Advanced Conversation for Native Speakers, or SPAN 3357 Advanced Composition (recommended for students needing enhancement of either oral or writing skills).

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