Master's of Arts

Latin American & Border Studies

The MA program in Latin American and Border Studies (LABS) focuses on the study of the US-Mexico border and the broader study of Latin America in the context of increasing hemispheric integration seen most obviously in the border region. The program brings together the study of the U.S.-Mexico border and Latin America, rather than treat the two separately, as other programs do. It will emphasize the U.S.-Mexico border region, Mexico and Mesoamerica, border phenomena and analogous situations in Latin America.

Master's of Arts

The program is designed to train two types of students: those who wish to earn a terminal M.A. and those who wish to prepare for Ph.D. programs. It is intended to train a new generation of professionals in many areas (government service, community/NGO service work, commerce, education) who can contribute to the creation of a model border zone of economic development and life-quality. It is also intended to train a new generation of students who will approach a PhD and subsequent research and teaching with the idea that just as the border zone and national boundaries show increasing integration, so should academic areas of knowledge and methodologies. There is evidence of significant need in private and public employment sectors for specialists in such integrating academic programs.

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