Inter-American Research Seminar Series

Purposes of the seminar:

               • To provide junior faculty an opportunity to share their research on Inter-American and/or                   borders topics to the UTEP community and to the general public.

               • To create an academic space of dialog from which the research presented results into a                   peer-reviewed publication.

               • To establish faculty-student mentoring processes.

               • To seek prospect inter-collegiate and interdisciplinary research collaboration.

Seminar Lectures:

               • September 7, 2011

                    Dr. Ernesto Castaneda

                    Department of Sociology and Anthropology

               • October 5, 2011

                    Dr. Alfredo Urzua

                    Department of Languages and Linguistics

               • November 16, 2011

                    Dr. Lowry Martin

                    Department of Languages and Linguistics

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