The Hawthorne House


The Hawthorne House was built in the Alexander Addition to El Paso’s Sunset Heights neighborhood in 1958. The house is an architectural standard for American Ranch style as noted by its low to the ground sprawling single story floor plan with a low to almost zero pitched roof. The unique Southwest notes include the iron gating as well as El Paso’s signature rock walls and desert landscaping.

The Hawthrone House

The house was purchased in 1968 and continuously occupied by the Rho Delta Chapter of Chi Omega; a University of Texas at El Paso sorority. Low membership prompted Rho Delta to cancel the sorority chapter at UTEP and the house was then acquired in 2000 by the University of Texas Regents. Since that time the Center for Inter-American and Border Studies has occupied the house. Currently CIBS is also home to the Fundación México/Estados Unidos para la Ciencia (FUMEC), the Sunset Terrace and the Latin American and Border Studies Student Lounge.

Additionally, the Hawthorne House serves as a photography gallery for works acquired in 2008 by the Diario de Juárez. The permanent exhibit Fuego y Espiritu features over 2o photographs that chronicle the life and times of Ciudad Juárez in the year 2008.

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