Visiting Scholar

Latin American & Border Studies

Visiting scholars make up a large component of research opportunities for CIBS. As UTEP strives for Tier 1 status, CIBS is committed to supporting domestic and international scholars seeking to enhance their research by living and studying in El Paso. UTEP is located in a bi-national metropolitan area of over two million inhabitants. This international city offers opportunities for academic study and practical experience unmatched anywhere else. UTEP is immersed in current border issues including international relations, security, development, environment and immigration among many others.

Visiting Scholar

Recent scholars with the Center have come from every corner of the globe. Fostering diversity within the realm of CIBS research is a priority when accepting visiting scholars. Exposing the Inter-American and Border Region to the world is crux of our research operations. Topics have ranged from Cross-Border Relations to the Socio-political impacts on the border as a result of ongoing cartel violence.

Recent Scholars

  1. Benita Heiskanen Ph.D. —University of Southern Denmark

  2. Jenny Karubian Ph.D. Candidate—Emory University

  3. Torsten Weller Master’s Candidate—University of Paris 8

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