Q: When does a session start/end?

A: Most sessions start at 9:00am on Monday and end on Friday at 4:00pm

Q: Will lunch be provided? Can a participant take their own lunch? At what time is it?

A: Lunch will be provided throughout each all day session, but each student may bring their own lunch if they choose. Lunch is between 12:00pm and 12:45pm.

Q: How does ExciTES and ExciTES Challenge differ?

A: It is our intent to have completely different modules. ExciTES Challenge will have more technical and teaming challenges incorporated into the activities.

Q: What material will be covered in ExciTES?

A: Concepts in the various engineering and science fields will be covered throughout the week along with college content. Popular modules include the Cardboard Canoe where students design a canoe using concepts of buoyancy learned during the week, manufacture a canoe that will fit two team members, and then test & race the canoe at the UTEP Swimming & Fitness Center.

Q: How many different fields of engineering/science will be covered?

A: Each session will have a different variety of modules and each session will have at least 14 modules.

Q: Can groups (over 25 students) be accommodated?

A: Yes, however fees will apply. Please contact us so that we may accommodate your group's needs and interest.

Q: How and when are notifications of acceptance into the ExciTES Summer Institute sent out?

A: Engineering Ambassadors will contact you through email. We make every effort to notify you by email by May 15, for those registering before then or within 72 hours after we receive the application.

Q: What will participants need to attend the program after being accepted?

A: Release Indemnification and other forms with parent signatures need to be submitted. Participants should plan to wear cool and comfortable clothing. Many activities require you to be physically active or to work with tools and machinery.

Q: What should I wear?

A: It is recomended to wear tennis shoes. No tank tops, no halter tops, spaguetti straps, flip-flops.

Q: Who coordinates the various ExciTES sessions?

A: Engineering Ambassadors and ExciTES Interns (both undergraduate engineering and computer science majors) coordinate and facilitate a most memorable and exciting experience. Below are video introductions of these fun-filled student staff members.

Summer 2013:

Summer 2015:

Summer 2016: