Student Resources

Student Advising 

The faculty of the Department of Civil Engineering welcomes you to the Department. We take your education at UTEP very seriously and are privileged to serve as your educators and mentors in this critical stage of your career. In order to streamline your graduation we have laid out the procedures of student advising to assist you in understanding the graduation requirements and procedures for graduation.

Questions regarding transferable courses from EPCC to UTEP please refer to the Office of Admissions & Recruitment Transfer Credit Evaluation

First, upon your enrollment in the Department, you should report to the Department administration secretary (Ms. Ruiz) and establish a student file with the Department. You should keep a personal copy of the degree plan package, which consists of,


1. Degree Plans



2. Advising Sheet



3. Degree Plan Tracking Tool



4. Yearly Schedule of Courses

5. Menus of Courses qualified for credits in Language, Philosophy and Culture | Creative Arts

To assist you in the registration process, the Department of Civil Engineering has regular group advising sessions (see schedule below). Attendance to these advising sessions is mandatory and your advising-hold will not be removed if you do not attend at least one session per year and follow the guidelines given during the sessions. The topics covered during these advising sessions include,

  1. Registration process
    1. Advising/Mentoring and advising hold removal
    2. Degree plans
    3. Waivers
    4. Advanced Topics courses and approval for registration
  2. Graduation audit
  3. Probation
  4. Rising Junior Exam
  5. Senior Professional Orientation course
  6. Professional Licensing

Group Advising Schedule

It is mandatory that you attend one of the Group Advising Sessions scheduled below to get your Fall 2017 and Summer/Spring 2017 advising holds removed.

For additional advising dates please contact the CE department at 747-5464

On behalf of the CE faculty, again I welcome you to the Department and wish you a successful and challenging education at UTEP.

Cesar Carrasco,
Professor and Chair