Student Advising

1. When the students require advice on course scheduling, course sequencing, course loads, course advice, administrative questions, career counseling, or any other problems, they must see their corresponding Undergraduate Advisor. If the student goes for advising during the registration periods, the advising for classes is recorded on the Advising Form. Otherwise the student is free to register for classes restricted by course prerequisite(s) and course restrictions such as departmental approval or class level (junior/senior). The Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering Department has an open door policy with respect to advising. Therefore, in general students do not need appointments for advising; but it is recommended to come during their advisor's office hours.

Students are expected to follow the course sequence outlined in the IE Degree Plan Advising Flowchart. Students must adhere to all co- and pre-requisites and course restrictions outlined in the course descriptions contained in the university catalog, or obtain the proper waiver to take the course. The specific cases were co- and pre-requisites waivers have been issued are:

  1. For students that are taking or already took the prerequisite at El Paso Community College (EPCC) or other university and have their transfer pending. UTEP system cannot recognize those cases.
  2. For students trying to register upper level IE courses, where if we do not issue the prerequisite waiver will represent for the student to register an additional semester. To fix this problem what the IE faculty did on January 2007 was to change the prerequisites for all the IE courses to reflect the real prerequisites. The changes in the IE courses is still in process of being approved the Texas Coordinating Board.

If a student needs a co- or pre-requisite waiver, he or she should consult his or her advisor to get the initial approval, then he or she needs to get the final approval from the Dean of College Engineering. If not approved, the process terminates and the student is not allowed to register for the course. If approved, personnel in the Dean's office will enter the course waiver directly on UTEP's academic information system (BANNER). After that the student is allowed to register in the course.

2. Senior Project (IE 4466) can only be taken during the semester when the student is graduating and the student must have a Major and Overall GPA greater than or equal to 2.0 to register for the course. An exception to this policy could be approved for a student during the spring registration. The student must complete his or her degree plan requirements during the summer term.

3. All students who are on academic probation are required to speak with his or her lead advisor before registering for the semester. The student must fill a Petition for reinstatement, which must be approved by the Undergraduate Advisor, the Department Chair, and the Dean of the College of Engineering.