Minor Degree Requirements for BME

The minor in Biomedical Engineering is designed to provide an introduction to the field for science and engineering majors. The goal of the minor is to prepare students for graduate studies in BME. Engineering students should be able to transition easily into graduate programs; science majors may need additional math courses and some engineering fundamentals to be accepted by most BME graduate programs. The minor consists of 16 credit hours. However, it is the students responsibility to take the prerequisites that are required for some of the courses. Not all courses are offered every semester and students are advised that completion of the minor will take up to two semesters. Please fill out a Request for a Minor Form and get the appropriate signatures. 

Requirements for Biomedical Engineering Minor 

All students who enter the BME Minor must take:

  • BIOL 2311/BIOL 2111 or BIOL 2313/BIOL 2113
  • BME 3303 and BME 3305
  • An Engineering course from an approved list
  • A Health Science or Physical Science course from an approved list 

If you have any questions regarding the BME minor please contact: 

Program Coordinator/Manager

Carmen E. Martinez