Masters Program

Program Chairperson: 

Dr. Devesh Misra 

Graduate Faculty: 

Arrowood, Boland, Golding, Kim, McClure, Murr, Stafford, Varma. 

Graduate students in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering are involved with academic studies and research programs that focus on understanding the structure, properties, processing and performance of materials, including the development of new or improved materials and advanced processing methods. These are the critical links between the design and the realization of new materials systems. Materials and materials limitations pervade all of the engineering and high technology fields that are an integral part of our society and its economic infrastructure. The challenges and opportunities for graduates in metallurgical and materials engineering are certainly exciting and exceptional. 

Metallurgical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering Department offers a Master of Science with a major in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and an undesignated Master of Science with a major in Engineering. 

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