Interdisciplinary Research Seed (IRS) Fund Awards

The College of Engineering (COE) launched an Interdisciplinary Research Seed (IRS) fund to support exploratory interdisciplinary research within the college. The aim of this fund is to encourage collaborative activities across departments in the College and to bridge traditional disciplinary boundaries. Expanding interdisciplinary research activities, particularly as they align with federal funding initiatives that are targeted to address pressing societal grand challenges, is becoming increasingly important to enhance research growth. Through this seed fund, the idea is to provide the faculty with an opportunity to enable them to gather the critical "preliminary data" and establish working partnerships that may otherwise not be possible, so the team is well-positioned for larger federal (or private) grants in the future. While the university-wide IDR fund can involve faculty across colleges, the IRS fund is specifically targeted to enhance interdisciplinary activities within the College of Engineering.

2016-2017 IRS Awardees

  • Dr. Ali Mirchi from Civil Engineering, and Dr. Natalia Villanueva Rosales from Computer Science with their proposal entitled: “Developing a web-based system dynamics simulation model of the El Paso water resources system”.
  • Dr. Omar Badreddin from Computer Science, and Dr. Kelvin Cheu from Civil Engineering with their proposal entitled: “Crowd-Sourcing of Smart Phones Sensors Data to Explore Drivers’ Interactions with Roadways Topology”.

2015-2016 IRS Awardees

  • Dr. Calvin Stewart, from Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Deidra Hodges from Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Dr. Binata Joddar from Mechanical Engineering with their proposal entitled: "An Integrated Mechanical Testing and Characterization System for Thin-Engineered Materials Subjected to Ultra-High-Cycled Fatigue"
  • Dr. Rodrigo RomeroDr. Sergio Cabrera from Electrical and Computer Engineering and Dr. Yoonsik Cheonfrom Computer Science with their proposal entitled "HifoCap: A Wearable System for Detecting High Frequency Oscillations in EEGs of the Human Brain"

2014-2015 IRS Awardees

  • Dr. Binata Joddar from the Mechanical Engineering Department and Dr. Thomas Boland from the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department with their proposal entitled: "Bioprinting of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Facilitate Embryoid Body Formation and targeted Differentiation in Vitro"
  • Dr. Paras Mandal from the Electrical Engineering Department and Dr. Bill Tseng from the Manufacturing and Systems Engineering Department with their proposal entitled: "Distributed Intrusion Detection and Cyber Security For Smart Grid"
  • Dr. Miguel Velez-Reyes from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Dr. Ivonne Santiago from the Civil Engineering Department, and Dr. Girisha Gunjegunte from the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A & M University, Agricultural Research Station in El Paso with their proposal entitled: "Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Nitrogen Management."