Research Centers and Facilities

Center for the Advancement of Space Safety and Mission Assurance Research (CASSMAR)

Serve as an interdisciplinary, cross-functional research center focused on the enhancement of the safety, reliability and mission assurance of spaceflight - from the materials, vehicle and systems perspectives. Establish partnerships with government and commercial spaceflight organizations to identify knowledge gaps, support technical interchange of research advancements and share experiences from lessons-learned. Educate the next generation of competent, diverse, and enthusiastic space scientists and engineers through advanced research and collaboration

Center for Inland Desalination Systems (CIDS)

CIDS builds on a strong foundation of related research already being done by faculty members in geological sciences, chemistry and civil engineering. CIDS funding is currently a combination of a $2 million grant from the state of Texas through its Emerging Technology Fund, $2 million from The University of Texas System, and matching funds raised by UTEP (goal is $2 million in sponsored research from industry partners).

Center for Research in Engineering and Technology Education (CREaTE)

CREaTE promotes and celebrates research that improves our understanding of student learning and excellence in teaching. We value growth, professionalism and excellence. Engineering faculty and instructors find support here for instructional design, development, evaluation and scholarship of teaching.

Center for Space Exploration Technology Research (cSETR)

The Center for Space Exploration Technology Research (cSETR) was established under the direction of Dr. Ahsan Choudhuri to promote  research and education in propulsion and energy engineering. cSETR, originally established as the Combustion and Propulsion Research Laboratory, is now a university research center (URC) through the Group 5 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) URC Cooperative Agreement. The Center actively conducts a wide range of analytical, experimental and computational research in energy and propulsion engineering with a particular interest in green propulsion, in-situ resource utilizations, space structures, clean power generation, solar energy and carbon dioxide sequestrations.

Center for Structural and Functional Materials Research and Innovation

The mandate of the Center for Structural and Functional Materials Research and Innovation is to foster interaction between diverse disciplines and support materials-related activities involving metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites in an interdisciplinary fashion across the broad research community. The objective is to enable students, faculty, and industrial partners to link interdisciplinary expertise with shared facilities and trained staff to advance multidisciplinary research at the cutting edge of science and technology for the benefit of society. Interdisciplinary research nurtures the talent of students for scholarly and professional careers, such that they are exposed to a broad experience, not a byproduct of immersion in an intensive research experience, but with interdisciplinary thinking and practice. The Center seeks to integrate the four elements of the central paradigm of materials research: structure, process, property, and performance.

Center for Structural Integrity of Aerospace Systems (FAST Center)

The FAST Center's vision is to "Help make UTEP the #1 minority institution for NASA, DoD and DoE Research and Development and to act as a magnet for research, academic, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the College of Engineering, the University faculty and students, and the greater El Paso area"

Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS)

It is with pleasure to announce the formation of the Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS) at UTEP. The focus of CTIS, which supplants the Center for Highway Materials Research, is to coordinate basic and applied research related to the nation's transportation infrastructure at UTEP. One of the missions of this new Center is to directly support the new PhD in Civil Engineering with  focus in Infrastructure Systems.

The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce

The Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce sponsors, conducts and promotes three main avenues of research: research in innovation and commerce, research for commercialization of innovation, and research in entrepreneurship education. The Center was founded in 2012 through generous contributions from UTEP alumnus Mike Loya. The Center connects the College of Business Administration and the College of Engineering. The Center is part of a UTEP and El Paso ecosystem to support innovation and commerce.

Research Institute for Manufacturing and Engineering Systems (RIMES)

RIMES was created in 1995 as the Institute for Manufacturing and Materials Management. We have recently renamed the Institute and it has taken the lead in focusing on the research and applications of Systems Engineering.

W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation

Located at the University of Texas at El Paso, The Keck Center is home to state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing technology and a dedicated staff ready for any challenge, be it medical or mechanical. From surgical models to tissue engineering to product prototypes, the Keck Center is ready to transform your ideas into three dimensions.