Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid

We know that paying for college is an important consideration, and UTEP offers several financial aid opportunities including grants, loans, work-study, and exemptions. Please refer to the UTEP Office of Financial Aid website for more information and a timeline for deadlines and messages.

Once you have applied for financial aid, MyStatus provides live, secure, individualized information from initial application submission to your final admissions decision and beyond. You can sign in or register on the MyStatus page.


As a UTEP student, you may be eligible for a variety of scholarships. Please visit our Office of Scholarships page and click on the “Scholarship Opportunities Bulletin” in the Scholarships menu for information. You can also find information on how to write scholarship essays and what scholarship committees are looking for in your application.

If you have any questions about the financial aid or the scholarship application process, please contact a UTEP Connect Enrollment Counselor or Student Success Advisor at or 1-800-684-UTEP (8837).