Research Expo

About the Expo

The 2017 Graduate Research Expo will be November 10 at the Hilton Garden Inn. Mark your calendar!

An important practice of graduate researchers is sharing their work with others in the academic community. The UTEP Graduate Student Research Expo is an annual event that offers graduate students the opportunity to present their original research in a local academic conference environment before they travel to a national or international academic or professional conference.

The goal of the Expo is to help prepare novice graduate students for presentation and networking at major conferences in their respective fields. Students who have not yet presented at a national/international conference, or at a previous Expo, may be given preferred consideration in the selection process.

In addition to a conference, the Expo is also a competition, where prizes go to top presentations. This unique element encourages the critical component of mentorship, as faculty serve as both judges, as they evaluate student presentations, and as mentors, as they offer students important feedback about their work and presentation style.

The Expo is an all-day event that each year includes a keynote address from an accomplished UTEP scholar.

Ultimately, the Expo is an excellent venue that showcases the quality of research that is being conducted by our graduate students and their faculty mentors, as UTEP is poised to become a national research university with a 21st century student demographic.

Keep checking this website for the most updated information.

For general questions about the Expo, please contact Dr. Isela Ocegueda, Assistant Dean of the Graduate School at or at 915-747-5237.

Expo Winners






Pamela Lara

1st Place


Uncatalogued Variable In The Kepler's Fields





Pablo Rangel

2nd Place

Electrical & Computer Engineering (PhD)

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Sense And Avoid (SAA) Airway Coordination Model Based On Gas Particles Elastic Collisions Dynamics




Lori Whitaker

3rd Place

English Rhetoric and Writing Studies (MA)

Maude: Reinventing The Character Of Curley's Wife In Of Mice And Men




Justin Magee

Honorable Mention

Psychology (PhD)

The Impact Of National Security Interrogation Methods On Situational Stress



Amelie Muzza

1st Place

Speech Language Pathology (MS)

Language Of Intervention In A Bilingual Child With Autism




Alberto Soto
2nd Place

Electrical & Computer Engineering(MS)

Optimization Of Neural Network Architecture For Radar Signal Classification




Janeely Villalobos

3rd Place

Environmental Science (MS)

The Structure And Activity Of Heat Shock Protein 27 And An S135F Mutation That Leads To A Neurodegenerative Disorder




Monica Ponce Lawler

Honorable Mention

Speech Language Pathology (MS)

The Use Of Code-Switching In Bilingual Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder



Mary Ana Mackay
1st Place
Geometric Modeling of Girus Trisymmetron

Elva Natalia Strobach
2nd Place
The Effects of Task Demands and Word Frequency on Language Source Encoding

Alejandra Maldonado
3rd Place
Flood Hazards and Environmental Injustice: Hispanic Immigrants in Greater Houston, Texas

Jesus J. Gutierrez
Honorable Mention
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sculpting Near Fields with 3D Printed Spatially Variant All-Dielectric Metamaterials



Victor M. Garcia
1st Place
Civil Engineering
Evaluation of Parameters that Can Improve Overlay Tester Results

Kiersten Garrand
2nd Place
Physical Therapy
Evidence for Disability Competence Education Relevant to Health Professionals

Moinul Morshed Porag Chowdhury
3rd Place
Computer Science
Wholesale Market Clearing Price Prediction in Smart Grid

Joseph Negron
Honorable Mention
L1 Conceptual Inhibition During L2 Text Comprehension



Sanghamitra Majumdar
Best Oral Presentation
Trophic Transfer of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles Along a Terrestrial Food Chain: An Ecological Risk

Azucena Zamora
Best Poster Presentation
Computational Science
Using Constrained Optimization to Improve 2- and 3-Dimensional Earth Structure Models Through Gravity Anomalies