Jesus Javier Gutierrez

UTEP Electrical and Computer Engineer Makes Harry Potter Magic a Reality


Electrical and computer engineering doctoral student, Jesus Javier Gutierrez, is channeling his inner wizard to bring some of J.K. Rowling’s magic to life. Jesus, who is in his third year in his program, is using his strong background in electromagnetic theory, optics, applied physics, electrical engineering, and computational science to figure out a way to manufacture an invisibility cloak.

As a self-proclaimed “scientific artist,” Jesus hopes his research can bridge the gap between abstract concepts in STEM and individuals in other fields. As an engineering undergraduate at UTEP, Jesus became enthralled in electromagnetics, a course commonly viewed as a filter course due to its difficult subject matter. “I knew pretty early that was going to be my passion,” he explained. Now a graduate student, Jesus wants to use conformal mapping, an intricate form of math, to create a cloak that hides objects from normal human sight. His goal is to manufacture such a device using readily available, inexpensive materials such as plastics or silicon to hide any object of any color.

Jesus plays keyboard in his officeIn addition to doing innovative research in his office, Jesus has turned his work space into a creative nook. Working with numbers can get frustrating after long hours and to escape his thoughts Jesus turns to the piano to unwind. “I love playing musical instruments, if I could, I would’ve brought in my drum set as well,” he joked. Due to his creative background and cutting-edge thinking, in the summer of 2016 he was invited to the ‘NerdStock’ Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The conference brought together scientists from all over the U.S. to brainstorm ideas on how to transition MIT into a “green energy” institute in the next 5-10 years.

Although this project may have its risks Jesus sees himself as a risk taker and believes “with big risks, come big rewards.” To many this may seem as nearly impossible but Jesus explains, “the human ingenuity of making something that is science fiction, a fairy tale, into a reality someday,” is what keeps him going.

summary of invisibility, simulation and verification of waves, conceptual device design
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