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Index to the Regional Pleistocene Orders and Families of Class Osteichthyes and Class Amphibia


Class Osteichthyes—Bony Fish

Order Clupeiformes—Herrings and Relatives

Family Clupeidae—Herrings and Relatives

Dorosoma petenense—Threadfin Shad

Order Salmoniformes—Trout and Salmon-like Fishes

Family Salmonidae—Trout and Salmon

Oncorhynchus clarkii—Cutthroat Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss—Rainbow Trout

Order Cyprinodontiformes—Minnows

Family Cyprinodontidae—Minnows

Agosia chrysogaster—Longfin Dace


Gila bicolor—Tui Chub

Gila elegans—Bonytail Chub

Gila orcuttii—Arroyo Chub

Gila robusta—Roundtail Chub


Rhinichthys osculus—Speckled Dace

Family Poeciliidae—Livebearers

Poeciliopsis occidentalis/monacha-occidentalis—Gila Topminnow or All-female Topminnow

Family Catostomidae—Suckers

Catostomus discobolus Cope—Bluehead Sucker

Catostomus wigginsi Cope—Opata Sucker

Xyrauchen—Razorback Sucker

Order Siluriformes—Catfish and Relatives

Family Ictaluridae—Catfish

Ictalurus sp.—Catfish

Order Gasterosteiformes—Sticklebacks and Relatives

Family Gasterosteidae—Sticklebacks

Gasterosteus aculeatus—Three-spined Stickleback

Order Scorpaeniformes—Mail-Cheeked Fishes

Family Cottidae—Sculpins

Cottus—Freshwater Sculpins

Leptocottus armatus—Pacific Staghorn Sculpin

Order Perciformes—Perch-like Fishes

Family Gobiidae‐Gobies

Eucyclogobius—Tidewater Gobies

Family Mugilidae—Mullets

Mugil cephalus—Flathead Grey Mullet

Class Amphibia—Amphibians

Order Caudata—Salamanders

Family Ambystomatidae

Ambystoma—Mole Salamanders

Family Plethodontidae

Aneides lugubris—Arboreal Salamander

Batrachoseps sp.—Slender Salamanders

Family Salamandridae

Taricha—Western Newts

Order Anura—Frogs and Relatives

Family Bufonidae—True Toads

Family Craugastoridae—Fleshbelly Frogs

Family Hylidae—Tree Frogs and Chorus Frogs

Family Leptodactylidae—Neotropical Thin-toed Frogs

Family Microhylidae—Microhylid Frogs and Toads

Family Ranidae—Frogs

Family Scaphiopodidae—Spadefoot Toads


Last Update: 20 May 2014