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Separate site lists having links to the various sites are given for Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico, Trans-Pecos Texas, Chihuahua, and Sonora.

Each site has a brief location description, many have comments, and a list of taxa recovered from the site is given. The "Literature" given for a site does not pretend to be complete, but should be sufficient to allow the reader to access further information if desired.

Where the taxonomy has changed, the currently accepted names are listed. For many taxa, the name under which a taxon was recorded in the literature is given below the currently accepted name in smaller type and inset from the left margin; other annotations also may appear in this format. Taxa represented in the UTEP Paleobiology Collection that have either not appeared in the literature or have appeared only in lists without being attributed are indicated by the UTEP acronym.

As with other portions of this work, many sites will be updated through time; the "Update" pages will note when significant changes occur.

The list for Southern California does not yet include the Late Blancan Pleistocene nor most of the literature records later than the last comprehensive assembly of Californian records (Jefferson 1991a, 1991b); this is actively being worked on. At present, site data other than the most basic information is not included; this will be updated as time progresses.


Last Update: 12 Mar 2014