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Class Aves
Order Charadriiformes
Family Recurvirostridae


Recurvirostridae—Avocets and StiltsPleistocene regional distribution of Recurvirostridae

Avocets and stilts both occur regularly in our region in the vicinity of water. The occurrence is based on an immature humerus.


Late Wisconsin: Camel Room (Harris 1993c: ?).

Literature. Harris 1993c.


Recurvirostra americana (Gmelin 1789)—American AvocetPleistocene regional distribution of Recurvirostra americana

American Avocet

Fig. 1. American Avocet in breeding plumage. US Fish & Wildlife Service photograph.


Mid Wisconsin: McKittrick (Jefferson 1991a).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Rancho La Brea (Stock and Harris 1992).

Late Wisconsin: Skylight Cave (Emslie 1988).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Schuiling Cave (Jefferson 1991a); Stanton's Cave (Rea and Hargrave 1984).

Literature. Emslie 1988; Jefferson 1991a; Rea and Hargrave 1984; Stock and Harris 1992.


Last Update: 7 Mar 2014