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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Sciuridae


Spermophile Ground Squirrels—Spermophile Ground Squirrels // Callospermophilus lateralis—Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel // Ictidomys/Xerospermophilus)—Ictidomys or Xerospermophilus Ground Squirrel // Ictidomys tridecemlineatus—Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel // Otospermophilus bensoni—Benson Rock Squirrel // Otospermophilus variegatus—Rock Squirrel // "Spermophilus" cochisei—Cochise Ground Squirrel // Urocitellus elegans—Wyoming Ground Squirrel // Xerospermophilus mohavensis—Mohave Ground Squirrel // Xerospermophilus spilosoma—Spotted Ground Squirrel // Xerospermophilus tereticaudus—Round-tailed Ground Squirrel


Xerospermophilus sp.—Xerospermophilus Ground SquirrelsRegional Pleistocene distribution of Xerospermophilus sp.


Rancholabrean: Hoffman Road (Jefferson 2014).

Literature. Jefferson 2014.


Xerospermophilus mohavensis (Merriam, 1889)—Mohave Ground SquirrelRegional Pleistocene distribution of Spermophilus mohavensis


Rancholabrean: Cool Water Coal Gasification Solid Waste Site (Jefferson 1991b).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Calico Lakes (Jefferson 1991b); Kokoweef Cave (Reynolds, Reynolds, et al. 1991: ?); Luz Solar Trough (Jefferson 1991b).

Literature. Jefferson 1991b; Reynolds, Reynolds, et al. 1991.


Xerospermophilus spilosoma Bennett 1833—Spotted Ground SquirrelPleistocene distribution of Spermophilus spilosoma

Synonyms. Spermophilus spilosoma.

Spotted Ground SquirrelSpotted Ground Squirrels are common in the basins of New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas. They almost never are found in rocky habitats, apparently preferring the more mellow soils away from the mountains and foothills. In Arizona, a large portion of the southeastern sector and much of the northern portion supports the species.

The record from Isleta Cave No. 1 (Harris 1993c) is withdrawn, no voucher having been found.

Fig. 1. Spotted Ground Squirrel. After Bailey (1931).


Mid Wisconsin: Papago Springs Cave (Czaplewski and Mead et al. 1999: cf.); Tank Trap Wash (Van Devender et al. 1987: cf.); Tunnel View #1 (Van Devender and Bradley 1990: cf.).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Animal Fair (Harris 1993c); Dark Canyon Cave (UTEP); Pit N&W Animal Fair (Harris 1993c: cf.).

Mid/Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Jimenez Cave (Messing 1986: cf.)

Late Wisconsin: Balcony Room (UTEP cf.); Dust Cave (Harris and Hearst 2012); Lower Sloth Cave (Logan 1983); Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003); Steeruwitz Hills #1(4) (Van Devender and Bradley 1990: cf.); U-Bar Cave 14-15 ka (Harris 1989: cf.); U-Bar Cave 15-18 ka (Harris 1989); U-Bar Cave 18-20 ka (Harris 1989).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Fowlkes Cave (Dalquest and Stangl 1984b); Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003).

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Xerospermophilus tereticaudus (Baird 1858)—Round-tailed Ground SquirrelPleistocene regional distribution of Xeropermophilus tereticaudus


Rancholabrean: Bitter Springs Playa (Jefferson 2014: nr.); Desert Sunlight Project (Jefferson 2014: cf.).

Late Wisconsin: Mountain View Country Club (Jefferson 2014: cf.)

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Luz Solar Trough (Jefferson 1991b); Solar One (Jefferson 1991b).

Literature. Jefferson 1991b, 2014.


Last Update: 17 May 2014