What is Liberal Arts?

The College of Liberal Arts is home to the social sciences, the humanities, and the visual and performing arts.  The listing of departments and programs is provided below.

What do all Liberal Arts students have in common when they graduate from UTEP with one of our degrees?

In addition to expertise in their major, our graduates understand the importance of thinking critically, writing clearly, and speaking articulately. They learn the ability to solve new problems across a variety of situations. They understand the importance of multiple cultures in American society, and have an appreciation for myriad cultures around the world. Their studies, including study abroad opportunities, have prepared them to work with people from different cultures and nations.  They have an appreciation of music, art, and theatre, as reflections of culture, and as enriching components of a well-educated life.  They understand, and speak, more than one language, and find themselves in leadership positions because they have the ability to relate to people from many walks of life.  They understand the importance of social change, social justice, and community engagement, and the value of individual responsibility in a society of diverse needs. 

Our students find jobs and pursue careers in federal and state governmental agencies, health care organizations, social service agencies, corporations, universities, and public schools.  They become successful leaders in these sites of work, as administrators, executives, heads of work teams, community organizers and assume a variety of leadership roles at work and in their communities.  As Liberal Arts thinkers, they often rise to the top of administrative positions because of their skills across a variety of contexts.

The graduates of Liberal Arts embark on lives and careers that advance their personal and professional goals, while representing the values of a democratic, free, diverse, and tolerant society. 

Departments and Programs of the UTEP College of Liberal Arts