Advising for CJ Majors

Hello Criminal Justice Majors!

               My name is Alejandra Gutiérrez and I am the advisor for all CJ majors with 45 credit hours or more. I work full-time for the department therefore, I advise all year long. This means you do not have to wait for registration to see me. I can answer questions about any course that you may be interested in or I can also let you know how many courses you still need for graduation anytime. I am easily reached at by email at or if you want to come in to my office you can always set up your appointment from anywhere using this link: Advising is highly recommended so I hope to see or hear from you soon!

Below are some forms that may assist you at some point while completing your degree. Of course know that if you have concerns or questions on the procedures for these forms you can always contact me.



Change of Major Form

Drop after Census Prior Drop deadline Form

Late Registration Add/Drop Form

Military Parent Institution Letter

Financial Aid 2nd Bachelor Form

Financial Aid UTEP/EPCC Consortium Agreement