Advising for CJ Majors

Hello CRIJ students!

Here at the Department, we advise CJ majors with 45 credit hours and above. If you are below that amount you can still be seen at the Academic Advising Center. Unfortunately, our previous advisor Alejandra Gutierrez is no longer working for the department. However, if you have questions in regards to classes, graduation, registration issues or any other questions or concerns you can reach out to the Department Criminal Justice at (915) 747-7943 or email us at Again, if you have 45 credit hours or above and need to get advice on what classes to take for the following semester, please contact the CLASS Center to schedule an appointment to meet someone face to face. If you prefer to get e-mail advising, send your questions, ID number and name to our Administrative Secretary Cynthia Marrufo at

*Please note this arrangement for advising is only valid until further notice.

Below are some forms that may assist you at some point while completing your degree. Of course, know that if you have concerns or questions about the procedures for these forms you can give us a call.


Change of Major Form

Drop after Census Prior Drop deadline Form

Late Registration Add/Drop Form

Military Parent Institution Letter

Financial Aid 2nd Bachelor Form

Financial Aid UTEP/EPCC Consortium Agreement