Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to see an advisor?

Seeing an advisor is recommended. If you have less than 45 credit hours you are required to see an advisor at the Academic Advising Center. Once you have completed 45 credit hours, it is recommend that you be advised by the Criminal Justice department.


When is an advisor available?

The Criminal Justice department has a full-time advisor, Alejandra Gutierrez. An appointment is required therefore to schedule an appointment, use the following link:


How many classes do I need to graduate?

This question varies on each student and highly depends on the catalog term in which the student started the program. However, a general answer can be: once you are core completed you will need 12 classes for Criminal Justice, about 6-7 classes for the minor of your choosing, 2-4 classes for the foreign language and 6 classes to fulfill block electives.


I cannot register for courses. I keep getting an error.

Depending on the error, will depend on the solution. Common errors are Class Restriction, Closed Course, Wait-List available, Department Approval, and Prerequisite and Test Score Error. The other may be Academic Probation. Please see the department for more information.


Can I get an override into a closed class?

No—each class is scheduled in a room with only a specific number of seats.  When the seats fill to capacity, no more students can be let in until someone drops or is dropped.  A wait-list is available that a student must sign-up for and monitor on their own by checking their UTEP email daily.


OK, so how do I add myself to the wait list for a closed class?

On the Registration page of Goldmine, go to “Add/Drop classes.” At the bottom of the page, enter the CRN# of the closed class and “Submit.”  The “class error” will appear as well as a drop down menu with the option to enroll for the Wait list.  Highlight the option and “Submit changes.”  The page should refresh and the course will show with your other added courses.  IMPORTANT:  Being added to the wait list does NOT guarantee you a spot in the class.  You will need to check your UTEP email daily.  Once a spot opens up, you are notified on your UTEP student e-mail, and then you have only 24 hours to register before the computer kicks you out of line, and moves on to the next person on the list.


I do not know classes I need-- how do I get a copy of my degree plan?

You can generate a copy of your own degree plan on your Goldmine account at any time. Log in with your username and password to your “” account. Click on “Goldmine,” then “Student Records,” and then “Degree Evaluation.” Select the term (semester and year) and press “Submit.”  Click on “Generate New Evaluation.” Select your degree and click on “Generate Degree.”


What are block electives? Didn’t I complete art or a psychology course already?

Block electives are 6 upper division (33XX or 43XX level) courses (18 hours) in the areas of Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities and Social Behavioral Sciences that are outside of your major. You must complete a minimum of 1 class per area, and none of those classes can be in criminal justice.  You may have completed an art or psychology course, but those were lower division (13XX or 23XX) and they are fulfilling your core classes.


Why do I have to take a foreign language? Why do I need the Spanish placement if I already know Spanish?

Foreign language is a requirement to complete your Liberal Arts degree. Spanish is not the only option you have, you have other languages available to you.  If you are interested in Spanish or French, a placement exam is first needed before you enroll to assess your placement level. Go to the website for more information at  Once you’ve received your scores, please share this information with your advisor so that you can access the CRN for the course.


Is the Criminal Justice online the same as the traditional on-campus?

Starting Fall 2016, the degree requirements for both the on-campus and the online Majors are the exact same, but the online degree is delivered on a slightly different schedule-- 6 semesters per year, with each semester being 7-weeks long.  The online degree does not require a minor however, the 18 hours needed for the minor must be completed through Additional Elective hours. The foreign language is still needed however Spanish is the only option online therefore, the student must take the Spanish placement exam.


Are there any internships? If so how can I go about participating?

Internships are available only in the on-campus degree for students who have completed the core requirements, and have a Criminal Justice GPA 3.0 or above. It is a 1-2 semester commitment, depending on the agency. Criminal background checks are conducted.  All internship opportunities must be approved by the Internship Coordinator, Allison Rojek.


Can I switch from the on-campus CJ degree to the online CJ degree?

Switching to the online degree must be approved by the department chair. The 100% online degree offers only 2-3 Criminal Justice classes per semester, and there are 6 semesters per calendar year. There are typically less choices than with the on-campus degree, and not all courses that the student may need will be available at the time of the switch. Make an appointment with the department academic advisor before speaking to the department chair for final approval.