Vision and Mission


Program Vision

Humanities (HUMN) educates students in the diverse cultural, intellectual, and scientific traditions and achievements that inform the United States and the global community of which the United States and the El Paso/Juarez region are a part. Serving a student population that is geographically isolated and often politically and professionally under-represented, Humanities provides a conceptual framework for students engagement with their social and political environments as well as with the professional discourses associated with the Liberal Arts and its constituent disciplines.

Program Mission

The mission of the Humanities Program is to provide students and faculty with a diverse and in-depth encounter with the heritage of science, art, music, philosophy, history and literature in order to

Develop proficiency in reading and interpreting primary texts derived from various cultural contexts, historical milieus, and academic disciplines

Strengthen and support the humanities and social studies programs of the University of Texas at El Paso: to include all of the constituent programs and departments of the College of Liberal Arts.

Promote student knowledge of the origins and development of the idea sets animate life on the U.S.-Mexico border, and the diverse cultures of which the border region is a part.

Develop students with the skills required for meaningful graduate study in the Liberal Arts.
Promote student exploration and inquiry in areas beyond their previous educational experience. Preparing them for full participation in the many discourses of the global community.

Promote intelligent and critical membership in the university, local and global communities
develop analytical skills.
Enable students to express themselves through a variety of written forms and media to include oral presentation and debate.

Promote respect for cultural diversity and reasoned political discourse.
Increase student awareness of gender roles and their social implications.
Lead students to desire to increase and then use their greater cultural literacy.