Minor in Humanities

The Humanities Program offers a minor as well as courses to help build a string foundation to any major.

Humanities seeks to promote a more interdisciplinary study in the areas of :

  • Art Music
  • Literature
  • Religious Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Communications
  • African American Studies
  • Asian Studies 

Requirements for a minor in Humanities

18 Hours Minimum

Complete 9-hours of Humanities courses or 6-hours of Humanities courses and 3 hours of Humanities 4390

In addition, 9 hours of advanced level courses to include courses from the following subjects:
Art, Communication, Music, Literature, Religious Studies, Jewish Studies*, Theatre Arts, Humanities, Languages and Linguistics*, History, Philosophy, Women's Studies*, Chicano Studies*, Asian Studies and African American Studies*.
*Apply to Humanities Minor when topics are from the Humanities.

All students should design a proposal for a coherent course of study. All proposals must be approved by the Director of the Humanities Program and be on file in the Humanities Office.