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Student Forms

Undergraduate Handbooks

The UTEP School of Nursing Undergraduate Handbook is a quick reference and guide for undergraduate nursing students in the Traditional and Fast Track programs. The Undergraduate Student Handbook is specific to the School of Nursing and contains policies, procedures, requirements and expectations in addition to those described in the University Catalog. Students are expected to adhere to and follow these specified guidelines.
Students should note policies relating to admission, progression, graduation, grading, nationally normed exams, scenario-based learning experiences, professional conduct, HIPAA regulations, clinical requirements, chain of command for grievance proceedings, and implications for cheating and/or plagiarism. Students are required to follow the policies and procedures of UTEP as well as the School of Nursing.

Graduate Handbooks

These handbooks provide you with essential information for a successful graduate nursing education. The topics covered in the handbooks range from prospective student interests to policies and procedures for current students. The SON Handbook can also serve as a resource guide for topics specific to nurses such as major and course descriptions, professional standards for advance practice nurses, grading policy, application process and deadlines, and other general UTEP student information. You are expected to review both handbooks as part of your graduate education.