Diversity and Social Justice Statement

The UTEP School of Pharmacy (SOP) is committed to working with our health care and community partners to build health equity and a socially just health system in the Paso del Norte region and beyond. To do so, the SOP is dedicated to actively engaging with the community via its mission of excellence in pharmacy education through Innovation, Diversity, Engagement, Access, and Leadership (IDEAL).

  • SOP recognizes that social determinants of health are at work in our communities. These determinants have historically led to disparities and inequities in access to quality care and healthcare education. We have the responsibility and opportunity within the public higher education system to address pharmacy workforce equity, to be integrated into the health care system, and to engage actively in our communities. In our efforts to work toward health equity, we strive to improve access for our community to pharmacists who can improve patient care, provide community education, participate in local and regional health initiatives, serve communities with low health care access, conduct applied research, and be leaders in the healthcare team. 
  • SOP respects the diversity of cultures and identities. We educate the pharmacy community to integrate culturally and linguistically competent skills into practice that can also be applied to the global community.
  • SOP values the role of civic engagement as a tool to navigate across cultures and work toward a socially just health-care system and society. We integrate cross-cultural and interprofessional experiences to build these skills to be active contributors in the community.
  • SOP celebrates the binational and bicultural nature of the region and sees it as an asset to meet the needs of a 21st Century demographic.  We, the SOP students, faculty, staff, and supporters, share in this commitment.