CoS Multidisciplinary Pilot Project Program 2014-2015


Principal Investigator: Giulio Francia (Biological Sciences)
Co-Investigators: Renato Aguilera (Biological Sciences)
Felicia Manciu (Physics)
Marian Manciu (Physics)
Jose Nunez (Chemistry)
Rachid Skouta (Chemistry)
Project Title: The Role of Breast Cancer Organ Specific Metastasis on the Therapeutic Impact of Anti-Cancer Drugs

Principal Investigator: Rosa Maldonado (Biological Sciences)
Co-Investigators: Igor Almeida (Biological Sciences)
Katja Michael (Chemistry)Manciu, Marian (Physics)
Project Title: Glycopeptide Vaccine for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Principal Investigator: Laura Serpa (Geological Sciences)
Co-Investigators: Hector Gonzalez-Huizar (Geological Sceinces)
Maria Mariani (Mathematics)
Project Title: Investigating Premonitory Signals Using the Statistical Behavior of Very Large Seismic Time Series Data Sets

Principal Investigator: Charles Spencer (Biological Sciences)
Co-Investigators: Devesh Misra (Metals & Materials Engineering)Rosas-Acosta (Biological Sciences)
Chuan Xiao (Chemistry)Xiao, Chuan (Chemistry)
Project Title: Rapid, Onsite Detection of Microbes Using Modified Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensors

Principal Investigator: Chuan Xiao (Chemistry)
Co-Investigators: Ann Gates (Computer Science)
Son-Young Yi (Mathematics)
Project Title: Visualization and Analysis of Giant Virus Structure