The Geological Sciences Department at The University of Texas at El Paso, located on University Avenue at Wiggins, is committed to recruiting motivated and qualified students into the discipline; in particular, to increase the number of Hispanic students who acquire bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in the geosciences. The Department also strives to improve the understanding of and interest in the geological sciences by the general public through the development and implementation of various programs in our El Paso community and in our local public schools. Our Chihuahuan Desert backyard is an excellent large-scale laboratory readily available for the teaching and learning of geological concepts.

Outreach programming here at UTEP, in public schools and in our community is abundant.

Geoscience Activities include:

  • Earth Science Week in October
  • Guest Speakers in Geological Sciences
  • Annual Student Colloquium in Spring

Outreach in El Paso County Schools is as follows:

  • High School Science through NSF Pathways
  • Science Fair Judging
  • Community Connection with Instruction

Community Outreach Activities are: