I. Preliminary Program of Study (PPS)

To facilitate the progress of students, every student that enters our program must complete a Preliminary Program of Study (PPS) by the end of the first semester of study.

II. Credit hour requirements

The Master's program has a 30-hour requirement (including thesis I and thesis II) as well as additional enrollment in Seminar every semester. The Ph.D. program has a 60-hour requirement (including dissertation I and dissertation II) which may include up to 30 hours transferred from a Master's program earned up to 6 years prior to entering the Ph.D. program. In addition, students will also be required to register for Seminar hours every semester.

III. The Thesis and Dissertation

Every advanced degree requires the writing of a thesis or dissertation. This requires original research performed in close coordination with your advisor.

Master's students need to submit their proposal before the start of their 3rd semester before they are allowed to register for thesis hours.

Ph.D. students must submit their proposal by the 4th semester before they can register for dissertation hours.

A complete thesis/dissertation proposal must include:

  • Thesis/dissertation signature page

  • Abstract

  • Proposal (refer to guidelines)

These documents will be submitted to  the graduate coordinator for distribution to the rest of the faculty.

IV. Comprehensive (Qualifying) Exams

Ph.D. Students are required to take an oral exam covering general topics and also reflecting on the student's area of specialty.  The Graduate committee for this exam generally consists of people from whom you have had courses with previously. Students must complete this exam by their3rdsemester in the program.

V. Progress Reports

In addition to the above mentioned, Ph.D. students are required to have an annual meeting with their committee to record and plan their progress toward completion of their degree. Incoming students are  required to turn in the Milestone's Agreement (graduate school forms), returning students will turn in a progress report (graduate school forms) with the appropriate signatures.