Welcome to the department of Mathematical Sciences!

This is a very exciting time for science at UTEP. The department is poised to meet the new challenges for the field of mathematics in today's environment at a research university.

We are augmenting and integrating our research areas, and working in the development of new PhD programs. We all share the vision of UTEP as a center of Access & Excellence in Teaching & Research.

The department has strong graduate and bachelors programs in mathematics, statistics and math education. We provide graduate support, scholarships, tuition, assistance and fellowships to about 40 graduate students. We routinely arrange for summer research positions for many of our graduate students. We also provide fellowships and research opportunities for undergraduate students.

I extend a warm welcome to you from the faculty, staff, and students of the Math Department! Enjoy your visit!

Dr. Maria C. Mariani 
Professor and Chair 
Department of Mathematical Sciences 
The University of Texas at El Paso