Master of Science in Statistics

Each student's program will be designed individually to meet the student's interests and goals.

Faculty research occurs in the areas of theoretical and applied statistics. The Statistics program accomodates students desiring an applied background for a career in government and industry as well as students desiring a more theoretical background for further graduate studies.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for Spring admission:

  • September 1: The department begins to review applications and make decisions about teaching assistant awards.
    Applications will continue to be reviewed for Spring admission up to the following dates:
    1. October 1 for International applicants;
    2. December 1 for Domestic applicants.

Deadlines for Fall admission:

  • March 1: The department begins to review applications and make decisions about teaching assistant awards.
    Applications will continue to be reviewed for Fall admission up to the following dates:
    1. June 1 for International applicants;
    2. August 1 for Domestic applicants.

There may be special cases after the deadlines that will merit review for admission and funding.

Admission Requirements

Entry into the program requires three semesters of Calculus, Math 3325, Math 3323, Math 3341, Stat 3330 and Stat 4380 or the equivalent of these courses.

In addition, it is recommended that the student possesses a good working knowledge of a high level computer language such as C++, JAVA, SAS, R (Splus) or Matlab.

A complete applicaton to the graduate program requires a statement of purpose and 2 letters of recommendation. This application packet is reviewed for admission and funding for Teaching Assistantships.

A minimum TOEFL score of 213 (550 or higher on paper based TOEFL; minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS; minimum score of 79 on the IBT - Internet Based - Toefl) is required for international applicants whose first language is not English or who have not completed a university degree in the U.S. or other English-Speaking institution.

The GRE is not required for admission into the program.

Applicants who do not have all the prerequisite coursework for full admission into the MS-STAT graduate program may be provisionally admitted and will be required to complete the leveling courses after entry into the program. For example, applicants who have not taken Math 3341 or Stat 4380 (or equivalent courses) may be considered for provisional admission that would specify a time period for completion of these courses with a grade of "B" or better (in each course). Students who are provisionally admitted are eligible for a Teaching Assistantship and Student Financial Assistance (loans). The MS-Stat degree plan allows for up to 9 hours of undergraduate course work with the approval of the graduate advisor.

Aspirants who are missing any of the prerequisite courses in the Calculus sequence, Math 3325, Math 3323, or Stat 3330 are urged to notify the MS-STAT Graduate Admissions contact person of their interest in the program in order to obtain early mentoring; completion of these courses is possible, for example, through the Non-Degree Seeking Program administered by the UTEP Graduate School. However, students admitted to the Non-Degree Seeking Program (post-bacclaureate program) are not eligible for a Teaching Assistantship or Student Financial Assistance.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Statistics degree with a major in Mathematics is available in both a thesis  (recommended) and a non-thesis option.

For students electing the thesis option, the program requires 24 hours of acceptable course work  and 6 hours of credit for the thesis. For students not electing to write a thesis, 36 hours of acceptable  coursework, including Statistics 5396, are required. Students must enroll in Statistics 5195 each semester  of residence.

Comprehensive written exams are required of all students.  Students who write a thesis may have a portion of the comprehensive examination waived.

All students in the program will be expected to complete the following required  graduate courses:

  • Math 4326 (Linear Algebra, undergraduate course)
  • Stat 5380 and Stat 5381 (Mathematical Statistics)
  • Stat 5385 (Statistics in Research)
  • Stat 5388 (Multivariate Data Analysis)
  • Stat 5396 (Graduate Research)

The remaining courses usually will be selected from

  • Math 5321 (Principles of Analysis) (highly recommended for students interested in pursuing a doctoral program)
  • Math 5329 (Numerical Analysis)
  • Stat 5428 (Introduction to Statistical Analysis)
  • Stat 5329 (Statistical Programming)
  • Stat 5335 (Experimental Design)
  • Stat 5336 (Categorical Data Analysis)
  • Stat 5354 (Bioinformatics)
  • Stat 5370 (Special Topics)
  • Stat 5386 (Stochastic Processes)
  • Stat 5390 (Nonparametric Statistics)
  • Stat 5391 (Time Series Analysis)
  • Stat 5392 (Statistical Computing)
  • Stat 5474 (Introduction to Data Mining)
  • Stat 5494 (Statistical Data Mining)

For the most current information on degrees offered and their requirements, please visit the Mathematical Sciences section of UTEP's Graduate Catalog.