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Dr. Larry Lesser was announced as a 2016 Piper Professor. Congratulations! READ MORE

UTEP was approved by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) to be on the list of UCAP (Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs) schools. READ MORE

Dr. Kien Lim is the recipient of CETaL 2015-2016 Giraffe Award. The Giraffe Award "is presented to a faculty member or instructor who shows significant courage and commitment to teaching and learning by daring to stick out his/her neck to make radical changes and innovations to his/her teaching practices not knowing what the outcomes might be, and being willing to share the struggles and triumphs of the journey with the community of teachers, to help them learn from his/her experience." Congratulations!

The department of Mathematical Sciences now offers two graduated certificates: Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Applied Statistics. Go Math and Stat Miners!

Dr. Amy Wagler has been selected as an administrative faculty fellow for the 2016-17 academic year in the UTEP Center for Civic Engagement; a substantial slate of well-qualified candidates did apply and only two were selected. Congratulations!

We are hiring! Lecturer positions are available. SEE FULL DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION PROCEDURE.

Dr. Larry Lesser received an approximately $89,000 grant from NSF for his collaborative proposal "Student-Made Interactive Learning with Educational Songs (SMILES) for introductory statistics".

Dr. Larry Lesser was invited to perform his award-winning songs at the National Math Museum (MOMATH) in New York. His song "American Pi" won MOMAT's Pi Day of the Century songwriting contest on 3/14/15. WATCH VIDEO ON YOUTUBE

The 2015 edition of the department newsletter Maxima is now online. READ IT ONLINE

Alumni Lunch Launched! Previous Gold Nugget Award winnersEnrique Gomez and Harriet B. May among attendees of 2015 Alumni Homecoming lunch. READ MORE

Dr. Natasha Sharma received an approximately $160,000 grant from NSF for Collaborative Research: Numerical Simulation of the Morphosynthesis of Polycrystalline Biominerals.

Dr. Ori Rosen received an approximately $250,000 3-year grant from NSF to study Bayesian Time Series Methods in the Frequency Domain.

Drs. Amy Wagler and Son-Young Yi were tenured and promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations!

Dr. Helmut Knaust is one of the UTEP recipients of the 2015 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Knaust is the sixth awardee from our department. Congratulations! READ UTEP NEWS ARTICLE

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