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111 Ranch

AZ: Graham Co.


Synonyms and Included Localities: Beds in the Gila Group about 25-30 km southeast of Safford. Includes exposures on Dry Mountain, near Frye Mesa, and the Northern Whitlock Mountain locality, as well as Flat Tire and Tusker local faunas (Morgan and White 2005).

111 Ranch

Age. Late early Blancan and late Blancan, an interval from ca. 2.4 to 3.0 Mya. The lower ca. 30 m appears to be late early Blancan (about 2.4-2.7 my) (Morgan and White 2005), with the Pleistocene late Blancan above that level.

General Description. About 100 m of fossiliferous fluvial and lacustrine sediments (Morgan and White 2005).

Discussion. Judging from the data given in Galusha, et al. (1984), virtually all taxa (with the exception of Hemiauchenia blancoensis) listed by Galusha et al. and Morgan and White (2005) occurred within the Pleistocene late Blancan. It is unclear where the Grus americana specimen came from stratigraphically.


Aquila bivia—Two-ways Eagle (Emslie and Czaplewski 1999)
Grus americana—Whooping Crane (Cracroft 1968)
Cuvieronius sp.—Cuvier's Gomphothere (Morgan and White 2005)
Rhynchotherium sp.—Snouted Gomphothere (Morgan and White 2005)
Glyptotherium texanum—Texas Glyptodont (Morgan and White 2005)
Megalonyx leptostomus—Narrow-mouthed Sloth (Morgan and White 2005)
Paramylodon garbanii—Garban's Ground Sloth (Morgan and White 2005)
Glossotherium chapadmalense—Chapadmalalan Ground Sloth (Morgan and White 2005)
Otospermophilus bensoni—Benson Ground Squirrel (Morgan and White 2005: ?)

Spermophilus bensoni

Castor sp.—American Beavers (Morgan and White 2005)
Perognathus gidleyi—Gidley's Pocket Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)

Perognathus gidleyi

Dipodomys gidleyi—Gidley's Kangaroo Rat (Morgan and White 2005)
Dipodomys hibbardi—Hibbard's Kangaroo Rat (Morgan and White 2005)
Prodipodomys sp.—Prodipodomys Kangaroo Rat (Morgan and White 2005)
Geomys persimilis—Hay's Pocket Gopher (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Mictomys vetus—Old Bog Lemming (Morgan and White 2005)
Ondatra idahoensis—Idaho Muskrat (Morgan and White 2005)
Pliophenacomys primaevus—Primeval Vole (Morgan and White 2005)
Baiomys brachygnathus—Short-faced Pygmy Mouse (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Bensonomys arizonae—Arizona Benson Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)
Neotoma taylori—Taylor's Woodrat (Morgan and White 2005)
Onychomys pedroensis—San Pedro Grasshopper Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)
Peromyscus hagermanensis—Hagerman Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)
Reithrodontomys galushai—Galusha's Harvest Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)
Reithrodontomys rexroadensis—Rexroad Harvest Mouse (Morgan and White 2005)
Repomys arizonensis—Arizona Repomys (Morgan and White 2005)
Sigmodon medius—Intermediate Cotton Rat (Morgan and White 2005)

Neochoerus dichroplax—Dichroplax Capybara (Morgan and White 2005)†Aztlanolagus agilis—Aztlán Rabbit (Morgan and White 2005)
Hypolagus arizonensis—Tusker Rabbit (Morgan and White 2005)
Sylvilagus cunicularius—Mexican Cottontail (Morgan and White 2005)
Myotis sp.—Myotis Bats (Morgan and White 2005)
Chasmaporthetes ossifragus—American Hunting Hyaena (Morgan and White 2005)
Homotherium sp.—Scimitar Cats (Morgan and White 2005)
Lynx sp.—Bobcats (Morgan and White 2005)
Miracinonyx sp. — American Cheetah-like Cats (Morgan and White 2005)
Puma lacustris—Lake Cat (Morgan and White 2005)
Borophagus diversidens—Bone-eating Dog (Morgan and White 2005)
Canis edwardii—Edward's Wolf (Morgan and White 2005)
Canis lepophagus—Johnson's Coyote (Morgan and White 2005)
Urocyon sp.—Gray Foxes (Morgan and White 2005)
Ferinestrix sp.—American Ferinestrix (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Mustela sp.—Weasels (Morgan and White 2005)
Satherium sp.—Extinct Otters (Morgan and White 2005)
Spilogale rexroadi—Rexroad Spotted Skunk (Morgan and White 2005)
Trigonictis cooki—Cook's Grison (Morgan and White 2005)
Trigonictis macrodon—Big-toothed Grison (Morgan and White 2005)
Bassariscus sp.—Ringtails (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Arctodus sp.—Short-faced Bears (Morgan and White 2005)
Equus calobatus—Stilt-legged Onager (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Equus cumminsii—Cummins' Horse (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Equus simplicidens—Hagerman Horse (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Nannippus peninsulatus—Peninsula Gazelle-horse (Morgan and White 2005)
Tapirus sp.—Tapirs (Morgan and White 2005)
Platygonus sp.—Flat-headed Peccaries (Morgan and White 2005)
Blancocamelus sp.—Blanco Camel (Morgan and White 2005)
Camelops traviswhitei—Traviswhite's Camel (Morgan and White 2005)
Capromeryx arizonensis—Skinner's Pronghorn (Morgan and White 2005)
Tetrameryx sp.—Four-horned Pronghorns (Morgan and White 2005: ?)
Pumilovis richwhitei—White's Diminutive Sheep (Mead and Czaplewski 2009)

Literature. Cracroft 1968; Emslie and Czaplewski 1999; Galusha et al. 1984; Mead and Czaplewski 2009; Morgan and White 2005.


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