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Artillery Mountains A

AZ: Mohave Co., 615 m


Arizona template.Age. Late Wisconsin. 14C date of 10,250 ± 200 (A-1099) on juniper twigs (Van Devender and King (1971).

General Description. The site is recorded as Artillery Mountains #1 by Mead et al. (2005). Van Devender and King (1971) described the site as a woodrat midden at latitude 34°22' N on a "west-facing slope four kilometers south-southeast of Artillery Peak (p. 241). Present vegetation is Sonoran Desert. Fossil plant material includes One-seed Juniper (Juniperus monosperma) and Scrub Oak (Quercus turbinella).

Van Devender and King (1971) recorded two dentaries of Baiomys that were said to be a little larger than the material of B. taylori that they examined. The identification as Baiomys does not appear in Mead et al. (2005); instead an identification of Reithrodontomys is given and so-recorded below


Masticophis sp.—Coachwhips (Van Devender and Mead 1978)
Reithrodontomys sp.—Harvest Mouse (Mead et al. 2005)

Literature. Mead et al. 2005; Van Devender and King 1971.


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